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ZHUCHENG FUTAIHUA WOODEN CO.,LTD is a manufacturing company founded in 2006 producing laminate flooring, Multi-layer engineered wood flooring. Thetepic Brands in China Market. Our products have been exported to South Africa, Russia, Chile, USA, Canada and Southeast Asian markets. We are focused, innovative and dedicated to our products. 3 Production lines with capacity around200,000 Square meters Per month. FUTAIHUA people implement total quality management in purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and customer service. We are located in Zhucheng, Shandong China. Shandong Province is one of t... [detailed]

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ZHUCHENG FUTAIHUA WOODEN CO.,LTD Add:No.5308 Renmln East Road,Zhucheng,,China Post
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Add:No.5308 Renmln East Road,Zhucheng,,China Post Tel:0086-536-6070801 Fax:0086-536-6070808 Web site:

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